My Web Tools

A collection of tools that I've made for miscellaneous purposes.

Team Fortress 2 - Surf Map Database This is a database of all the surf maps that I had running on my gaming clan's surf server. It does not contain every map that exists for TF2 surf, but it's all that ones that you might typically run into on a combat surf server. Includes info links and images for each map.

Team Fortress 2 - Connect5 Contest Board This is a 'Connect 5' game board app, which I made for's 14th major contest (held Dec 2017 - April 2018). The competing level designer selects a row or a column (or angled column) of 5 design elements from the board for use in their submitted level. The final contest thread can be seen here.

Team Fortress 2 - Gameday Helper This is a tool that creates a skeleton for a regular gameday thread. Useful for running tests (I ran over 150!).


These aren't web tools, but I wanted to put them somewhere.

Team Fortress 2 - Pak to Filelist Tool This downloadable tool lets you take a folder of content for a TF2 map and generate a filelist of custom content for BSPZIP (to auto-package the contents on map compile). Good for when you have a lot of content, or for maps you've havent touched in years.

3DSMax - Auto Face Extruder This downloadable script for 3DSMax allows you to automatically extrude or bevel out selected faces in the scene into a box or a pyramidal prism which allows for the easy conversion into Source Engine thereafter.