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Modern Warfare II (2022)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.

Released October 28, 2022, for Windows, Playstation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series S/Series X.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • Lead the Design of the 2-player Co-op “Defender” missions.
  • Lead the Design of the 3-player Co-op “Raid: Episode 1”.
  • Designed game systems, game modes, and narrative implementation.
  • Helped support all around Co-Op / Multiplayer / Warzone, fixing lots of bugs.

Lead the Design of Co-op “Defender” missions.

With your allied NPCs, defend against 6 waves of bomb-planting enemies, spend cash at the kiosk to get equipment.

Lead the design of "Defender: Mt Zaya", and helped with "Defender: Hafid Port".

The initial design for the mode took 3 weeks to put together in a test map. I then ported the design to the Mt.Zaya observatory location, and iterated for 5 months before release. Afterwards I worked with 2 other scripters to quickly release the Hafid Port Defender mission.

I also helped work on the "Modified" version of these missions: Replay the mission with the "Gun Game" cycling weapons gameplay.

MrDalekJD playing Defender: Mt Zaya mission.

Esapzai playing Defender: Mt Zaya Modified Gun Game mission.

Troll Panda playing Defender: Hafid Port mission.

Lead the Design of the Co-op “Raid: Episode 1”.

3 Players: Price, Farah, and Gaz infiltrate an underground bunker in search of Alex. Swim with an oxygen tank together, and solve cypher puzzles!

Raid Episode 1 took roughly a year to put together, I started with prototypes of each of the major spaces: a cavernous intro, a water maze puzzle, and the cypher numbers puzzle. There was a lot of iteration, playtests, and feedback to get to the final version.

The Water maze puzzle developed to use an oxygen tank equipment piece I scripted, and that led a redesign of the geometry. Sharing one piece of equipment with limited air underwater proved to be quite stressful, so we allowed players to take breathers throughout the puzzle. We upped the ante by adding tripwires in the underwater caves.

The Numbers Puzzle was iterated on a lot due to feedback and overall design iterations of the Raid game mode. The intention was the make it a maze-like interior, but 'surprise' people found that confusing, which proved distracting to the puzzles. The cypher puzzle was inspired by old Russian radio broadcasts, and the intro scene from a movie called War Games.

My cavernous Intro area was replaced with another desinger's great submarine bay geometry, and another designer's excellent stealth intro gameplay! We also fit in a tutorial-to-the-Numbers-Puzzle using a CCTV camera system at the end of the Intro area.

Aculite playing Raid: Episode 1 - Highlights.

Jackfrags playing Raid: Episode 1 - Full Stream.

MrRoflWaffles puzzle guide to Raid: Episode 1.

I worked in collaboration with many departments to get these missions created including Co-Op Design, Narrative, VFX, Audio, Animation, Modelling, Rigging, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Marketing.

Official Game Trailer, Oct 6, 2022.

Official Raid Episode 1 Trailer, Dec 8, 2022.

Official Warzone 2 Trailer, November 14, 2022.